Another Chance To See

One of the main reasons I’m running the London Marathon for Save The Rhino is Douglas Adams.

Yes, I am talking about the author of the The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy trilogy. He wrote another book (based on another radio series) on the subject of endangered species, called Last Chance to See. Following his experiences travelling around the world, and pondering if it really was the last chance to see some of the species, he became a founder-patron of Save The Rhino International.

I have read Last Chance to See, and thoroughly enjoyed it (Douglas Adam’s trademark tongue-in-cheek and ever so slightly world-weary delivery combined with endangered species equals heaven for me!). It also introduced me to the wonderful world of the kakapo. There is a website called Another Chance To See, which has news updates about all of the species featured in the original book, including today a picture of a one-month-old baby southern white rhino.

Head on over and take a look! Here are all the Northern White Rhino stories.


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  1. I Blame Douglas Adams | Becky Button Says:

    […] to help endangered parrots, but he is also indirectly to ‘blame’ for my decision to run the London Marathon for Save The Rhino in 2009. I am of course very grateful to him for influencing me through his various books and […]

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