My new trainers

My new trainers for the London Marathon 2009

My new trainers for the London Marathon 2009

Took these lovely brand-spanking-new trainers for their (and my) first run the other night. Only a quick one round the block, but I still have that almost-pleasant achy feeling in my legs that tells me I actually did some exercise and it was good for me! I managed to run most of the way round, which is no mean feat considering I haven’t run since I ‘retired’ after my disastrous London Marathon 2004. Got back home and had that lovely adrenalin high which meant I was talking non-stop for a good half hour 🙂

I’ve forgotten most of the stretches I’m supposed to do though. Any suggestions? I guess my yoga dvd might not be a bad place to start, as that’s all stretches.

I’m hoping to head out again this evening, as I really need to get into the training. Everyone else started training months ago but as I only found out recently that I’ll be running the marathon I’m a bit behind. I’m looking forward to the point when I’m training so much I can basically eat whatever I want and not put on weight!


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