Marathon training starts in earnest!

Runner's feet

Well, it’s 2009! Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year.

Reality has just hit and I’ve realised that the marathon is now ‘this’ year instead of ‘next’, so the training starts in earnest now. I’m loosely following a training plan in Runner’s World’s London Marathon newsletter, which means I’m making myself go out and train. I gave myself a generous amount of time off before and over Christmas what with making presents, chilling out and then getting ill with the lurgy that seems to have affected everyone this winter. Now however it’s down to business!

I already cycle to and from work three times a week (a round trip of about 5 miles), and I will be running at least three miles at least every other day.

Once I’ve built up a basic level of fitness I’ll be able to start adding weights on wrists, ankles and shoulders to get my body used to carrying the extra weight of my rhino costume.

I will also be skipping (apparently ten minutes skipping is the equivalent of something like half an hour of running). I’m a bit stuck though on what other cross training I can do. Any suggestions?


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2 Responses to “Marathon training starts in earnest!”

  1. Oliver Raffle Says:

    Anything that will work your core and flexibility will be good… should help with the breathing and increase your resistance to injury..

  2. hans Says:

    thanks for letting me know you used my photo! Good luck on the marathon, we will be watching it on the BBC to see we can spot you!

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