Marathon Running Foods

Jelly babiesCalling all runners – I’m interested to know what your favourite foods are for when you’re running events/marathons etc.

I know Jelly Babies are a perennial favourite but I wondered if anyone had any more unusual preferences? I personally can’t eat Jelly Babies as I’m vegetarian so any veggie suggestions would be good!

I’ve also found when doing events that too many sugary sweet foods leave me feeling ‘sugared out’ and a teensy bit nauseous, so does anyone have any good savoury food ideas?

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3 Responses to “Marathon Running Foods”

  1. tjbfs Says:

    Well, obviously, plenty of carbs through rice and pasta, at least once a day while you’re training, and bananas are a fantastic source of virtually instant energy. As long as you let your body get used to eating them before and during runs, 2 or 3 bananas should get you through the FLM.

  2. swithunwells Says:

    Hi Becki,

    I’m from Justgiving and running for and love chocolate! seriously though, am going to experiment with dried mango, which is apparently as good as banana, but not quite to bulky to carry

  3. Steve Jeal Says:

    I use an isotonic energy gel called GO and I thoroughly recommend it. It isn’t like any other gels that I’ve tried because this one is not thick like the others. It is easy to consume with a much more subtle flavour than other gels. Also you don’t need to drink water to wash it down as it is isotonic. Each one contains 22g of carbs and 9mg of Sodium. To date I have used them in a half marathon and training runs of the same distance.

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