Be happy while you run

Happy runner

I came across a post on US Olympian, and inventor of the run-walk method of marathon running, Jeff Galloway’s blog, about being happy during and after your run. His advice is as follows:

1. Start very slowly—no huffing and puffing. Walk for 3-5 minutes, then gradually introduce the body to running over the next 10 minutes. If you will be (running 3 min/walking 1 min) later, during the first 10 running minutes, use 1-1 or 20 sec running/40 sec walking.

2. Insert walk breaks early and often. Continue to take walk breaks so that you don’t huff and puff or experience dead legs. Remember that during the walk breaks, the endorphins collect and inject good feelings.

3. Don’t get locked into a set pace or ratio. When you are in control over your good feelings, there’s a sense of personal empowerment that increases the satisfaction from the run. This means that a 4-1 person may need to downshift to 3-1, 2-1 or 1-1 to bring back the joy.

So it’s no bad thing to walk during a marathon, something I should remember!

Read Jeff Galloway’s excellent blog
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More on the famous run-walk method


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One Response to “Be happy while you run”

  1. hen3k Says:

    feel very honored you chose my picture for you blog
    keep up running! save the Rhino’s

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