Running in cold weather

Cold weatherWith the return of the cold snap in the UK, training has had to take place in close to zero degrees C on often frosty pavements. So far I’ve been lucky in that I haven’t fallen over! Running is definitely more difficult when it’s cold, the ice seems to permeate my knees and work its way up and down my legs, and any moisture in my mouth disappears as steamy breath as I puff my way around. I can’t seem to strike the right balance between gloved (sweaty) hands and frostbitten ones (possibly due to my gloves being 99p bargains from Primark and not proper running ones).

I’ve been having a look around on the world-wide-web for tips on cold weather running, and I present them to you below 🙂

Some of the science behind cold weather running – quite a full on article but very educational. The article’s cold weather coping tips include:

* Don’t reduce your fluid consumption.
* Do consume extra carbohydrate.
* Don’t overeat.
* Wear adaptable clothes during runs.

More details on the website!

Some more cold weather running tips from (again, more details on the website):

  • Choose Appropriate Running Clothing
  • Modify Your Workout During Very Cold Weather
  • Protect Your Exposed Skin
  • Know When Not To Workout Outdoors
  • Increase Your Visibility
  • Stay Well Hydrated

Runner’s World Forum Post on the subject

Runner’s Rescue Cold Weather Running Tips

Also, Runner’s Rescue Side Stitches Tips – I’m quite prone to stitches anyway but apparently they can be worse in cold weather as you’re not breathing properly.

Any other tips will be gratefully received 🙂


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3 Responses to “Running in cold weather”

  1. Alistair Says:

    Great tips, tis really important to wrap up AND hydrate you have hit the nail on the spo! The thing that always concerns me is at this time of year its usually dark running so good reflective gear is a must and taking care in those really dark spots – watching out for ice if you are out late or early as a slip isnt half painful.

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