Mind over matter

Sometimes on my training runs, I find that whilst my flesh is willing, as it were, my mind is sometimes weak. This means that when I’m out running there is the irresistible urge to ‘stop’ (by this I mean walk, not literally stop) as my mind tries to end the discomfort and exertion! This is more likely to happen when I am distracted by thoughts of the day’s events or worries about something or other. The you-need-to-walk-it’s-too-difficult-I-can’t-do-it voice drowns out the one that tells me to keep going.

If I focus on the running, and ignore the tiny persistent voice telling me to walk, tell myself to keep going and pick up the pace, I do really well (by my standards at least). It’s the louder keep-going-you’re-doing-really-well-you-don’t-need-to-walk voice that will hopefully get me through the gruelling 26.2 miles of the marathon. Mind over matter!

About.com has some Mental Strategies for Running – I’ll definitely be trying the use of imagery and the race visualisation. Also Get Prepared Mentally For Your Marathon

New York Times article – ‘I’m not really running, I’m not really running’ featuring one of Paula Radcliffe’s marathon strategies


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