Things I love (and hate) about running

Whilst out on a long(er) run today, I was pondering the things I love and hate (well, dislike) about running. I thought I’d share my list with you all!

Things I love:
The way I feel really virtuous
The ‘runner’s high
Going out running round the countryside on a clear sunny day
Reaching the halfway point where you start heading for home
The sprint finish
The pleasant ache in your legs that means you’ve done something good
The way you can eat what you like for the rest of the day (if the run was long enough)
The joy of saying to people ‘I ran 10 miles yesterday’ and them looking impressed
That autopilot bit where your legs are running without any brain input
The stretching afterwards that really hurts but is well worth it
Beating your Personal Best for a particular route

Things I hate:
When it’s cold outside and you just want to stay in the warm instead of go out and run
The bad runs where your body doesn’t seem to be working properly
Bleeding feet
The first 15 minutes of every run – ‘warming up’
Traffic – and people traffic too

I might add to these lists as and when I think of further points. It will keep my brain busy when I’m out running!

If you have your own love/hate lists, leave them in the comments and we’ll compare!


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