Weather woes

Trainer print in the snowI have had a rest week forced upon me due to the downpours of snow last week. No running due to the slippery conditions and I couldn’t even do my usual cycle-to-work thing because the cycle paths and pavements were covered in ice. I feel so unfit!

I wanted to go out running last night, now that the snow has gone, but there was a so-called ‘winter storm’ which flooded many roads near where I live and meant that it would have been dangerous and probably downright stupid to go out running in it.

I had to console myself with an hour of yoga from a DVD I have but it wasn’t quite the same. I think I need some aerobics DVDs or something similar, with a bit of ‘oomph’! Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions?

I was pondering hiring a treadmill for a couple of months and putting it in our spare room (I don’t have a gym membership and get distracted by all the TVs they have in those places, end up falling off the treadmill!). I know treadmill running is possibly the most boring thing ever when you’ve been used to running outdoors but at least I’d still be training when the weather was bad. If the cost is not prohibitive I’ll definitely think about it…

They say rest is (almost) as good for you as the actual training so hopefully I will be refreshed and revitalised for my run tonight and go zooming around at sub-10 minute mile pace! Well, I can dream can’t I?

EDIT – Following day: Broke the 10-minute mile – last night’s run was 9:54-minute miles! That rest must have done some good!


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