And I would walk (run) 500 (er, 100) miles…

As of my morning run yesterday, I have now done over 100 miles as part of my training for the London Marathon! That’s just under four marathon’s worth but feels a lot further!

I know how far I’ve run so far because I’ve been, well, ‘logging my runs’ at It’s a cool little website that allows you to map a route, give it a name and then enter data against it – for example today’s (almost) half marathon distance was called 13ish Miler and I was able to post a time of 2h30 against it, and the site then worked out that my pace was 11:30 minute miles – a bit slow perhaps, but I was aiming for slow and steady after ‘hitting the wall’ on a similar run last week. Not fun!

Generally though I have been getting faster on the shorter runs where you don’t need to worry so much about conserving energy. Running faster than your usual speed takes some concentration though (as well as the extra effort of course) and I find that if work has been busy or stressful I’m much less likely to post a fast time. I’ve given in to my geek side and made a little graph to show my pace improving since I started timing my runs at the start of January:

Pace Graph 01/03/09

I started off at around 12:30 minute miles but have improved so that most runs are 10:something, which makes me really feel like I’m getting somewhere. Those peaks on the right hand side are the long Sunday runs where I’m usually running ‘slow and steady’, although increasing the pace of the short runs will help me with the long runs. That blue line is the 10 minute mile line which is what all amateur/hobby/civilian runners should be aiming for! So you can see I’ve actually done sub-10 minute miles a couple of times which made me very happy 🙂

It can be counter-productive to get too much into the numbers game when running. Concentrating too much on paces and times can lead to disappointment and depression when you don’t do as well as last time, or your times aren’t as good as someone else’s. We’re all different anyway so a bad time for one person is a brilliant time for another ie. me. 🙂


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