Running with a cold

Having already covered running in the cold I’d like to turn my attentions to running *with* a cold, as it’s pretty topical at the moment – I have a cold and I’m not running!

I was supposed to do a long (13 + miles) run yesterday but having come down with the aforementioned lurgy I decided not to go. There’s a fine line between making sure you train and breaking yourself if you run when you shouldn’t. I took the advice of this interesting Times Online article and the ‘below the neck’ anaysis – as I had achy joints even before running I figured an unplanned rest day might be in order. I was also very dehydrated, a situation that would not be helped by going out and getting sweaty! And because I had a sore throat it was difficult to do any preparatory carb loading. Sometimes stubbornly carrying on with the training can do more harm than good…and I’m taking solace, after missing my long run, in the fact that my dad had to have an entire *month* off training just before his first London Marathon and still managed to post a decent time!

I found this part of the article very interesting:

However, while exercise does seem to boost immunity, it does so only to a point. Serious athletes or anyone in training for the London Marathon or another endurance event may find their defences are compromised as a result of longer or more intense workouts.

Last time I ran the marathon I avoided all colds until the week afterwards! This time I’ve not been so lucky it seems.

Hopefully I will have recovered by this weekend’s Silverstone Half Marathon (my first race of this year) as I’m hoping to debut the rhino costume. On a side note, I have given up on the paper and wire horn because I just couldn’t get those ridges on the side out. I mocked up a horn out of cotton on the sewing machine in about two seconds flat that looks way better so I’m probably going for that option! I’ll post pics when I’ve made the head of course.

Before the lurgy hit this weekend I was out and about doing a little bucket collection to help with my Save The Rhino fundraising, managed £49.62 in a small country town so I’m hoping to repeat the experience in some larger towns and cities. Please help me with my fundraising by sponsoring me if you can!


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