Rhino costume…ish

Thought you readers might appreciate a close-up on the rhino hat, shown below with my lovely Save The Rhino t-shirt!
Me in my rhino hat and running t-shirt

Here are my thoughts on my original rhino costume ideas:

  • The hat is based on a baseball cap which is slightly too small for my enormous head but the under-chin strap I used at Silverstone didn’t seem to do much. There is a strap going round the back of my head, but if I tone the horn down a bit keeping it on my head probably won’t be an issue.
  • The shoulder pads I was originally going to wear would chafe like crazy. They might be made for sport, but not 26-miles-of-running sport. I will probably try to do a 10k or 5k in them so I can say I actually ran in my proper rhino costume.
  • Although I ran in a grey top at Silverstone, I think having someone running next to me in a Save The Rhino t-shirt probably helped people identify what on earth I had on my head! So I will probably be running in the lovely t-shirt in the above pic.
  • I will be running with a felt rhino tail on my bottom. Well, if half a million spectators are going to see my bum, they may as well have something funny to look at 😉
  • I will probably try and make the bottom of my jogging bottoms look like rhino feet. Having something like a rhino foot sculpture covering my foot is a no-no as they have to be able to remove the tracking chip from your trainer at the end of the race but something based on the trousers should be OK.

Does anyone have any great ideas on what else I can do as far as the rhino ‘costume’ is concerned?


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