Do you need your vest printed for the marathon?

Or any other event?

UPDATE 2 – Jan 2012: We’re sadly no longer able to offer the vest-printing service. Thanks to all those that helped the rhinos by getting us to print their vests, and apologies to those who wanted their vests printed this year.

UPDATE – Feb 2010: Please see this post for more on the vest-printing πŸ™‚

I’m offering a vest/t-shirt printing service for those people who would like their name printed on their vest for the London Marathon.

I already have a happy customer in the form of Sir Jogalot:

Sir Jog-a-lot's beautifully printed vest

And of course myself:

Me, sweaty and tired after my 15.5 miler in my lovely Save The Rhino t-shirt

It’s Β£5 per name and all proceeds go to Save The Rhino. We can also cut custom logos, and price varies depending on the colour and how complicated the logo is but starts from Β£7.50.

Turnaround depends on the postal system to a certain extent but would go something like this:
Day 1: You post your vest/running top/t-shirt to me
Day 2: We receive the top, print it if received early enough, and possibly post back to you
Day 3: We print the shirt if it was received too late on Day 2 and post back to you, or if we printed on Day 2 you receive your top back
Day 4: You receive your top back if posted on Day 3

Hopefully that makes sense! And hopefully Royal Mail will be as efficient in real life as they are in my theoretical version above!

Please get in touch via the comments and we can discuss your requirements. πŸ™‚


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54 Responses to “Do you need your vest printed for the marathon?”

  1. London Marathon Training: Mid-Week 13 « Sir Jog A Lot Says:

    […] running vest has arrived back. A fellow blogger, Becki Ellsmore, tweeted up her services as a running-top printer a few weeks back. The price? A hell of a lot better than the official […]

  2. Neil Says:

    I’m another happy customer too – much quicker and cheaper than FLM’s recommended method, this way you don’t have to wait nervously to get it back at the Expo.

    And every penny goes to the great cause of Save the Rhino

  3. Griff Says:

    Hi there,

    I am interested in getting my name on my running vest and supporting a great cause. Get in touch, I am London based


  4. Helen Says:


    If I post you my running top would you be able to get it printed for me please? A blogger on realbuzz sent me your link. I would like Helen on the front and Helen2305 (my realbuzz name!) on the back.

    Look forward to hearing from you!


  5. Nickie Says:

    hi becki!

    leaving it a bit late for flm, was going to use service at expo, but you’re a better cause!
    what is your currect turnaround?

    also have a friend interested, so we can share postage to reduce your costs.

  6. Becca Says:

    What’s your turnaround? I’d love to get my name printed and donate to good cause but I’ve not received my vest from my charity yet!
    They’ve said beginning of April so should be any day now, and I’d want something similar to what you did for sirjogalot.
    Thanks, becca

  7. John P Says:


    Re FLM T-Shirt printing.

    The T-Shirt i have with my charity logo is of the ‘sweaty’ design/material.

    I have a running shirt i’d like to use for the FLM, want to get my charity logo on it (MGA UK) + my name ‘John Paul’ + my justgiving page url.

    Is this possible and if so, please kindly advise how much.

    Many thanks

    John P

  8. neilperkin Says:

    Hi. I’m interested in getting my vest printed. Could you let me know the details please.

  9. dave Says:

    hi i`m intrested cheers dave

  10. Ulen @garkbit Says:

    Hi Becki, I’m going to post my (now washed!) vest off to you today.

    Do you need an SAE to return it to me?


  11. Alice Says:

    Dear Becki

    I received my t-shirt from my charity this morning and it is huge and hideous! As this will be the one and only marathon I ever run I’d quite like to get something a little more sylish…!

    Ideally I’d like my name on the front (for some reason the charity had it put on the back) and the charity logo (which is green) on the back.

    Before I go and buy my ideal t-shirt or vest, I wanted to check with you whether you can print onto any material and any colour?

    I hope I haven’t left it too late and look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks and kind regards


  12. beckisavestherhinos Says:

    Can I just check that everyone who’s left a comment here has received an email from me? Check your Junk/Spam folders if not, my emails sometimes go straight there! πŸ™‚

  13. Tom Roper Says:

    Hi Becki, saw this via Sir Jog-a-Lot. Very straightforward job: my three letter name on front and back of a vest, white letters. Am I too late?

  14. PM Says:

    I am interested in having my name on my running vest.

  15. Maggie Says:

    I am interested in geting my name printed back and front of RSPCA running vest. And would rather the Rhinos benefited than anyone else. is there still time

  16. Lee Says:

    Hi Becky,
    I would also like my name printed on the front and back on a t-shirt for the London Marathon,how do i go about this?
    Many thanks,

  17. Claire Says:


    I really need to get my vest printed for the London Marathon – am i still in time?

    I will need to get a logo (i can provide this) and my name on the front, plus a message (probably 4 lines) on the back. Is this possible?

    Fingers crossed!


  18. Sarah Says:

    Hello, Ive just got my vest for the GNR and was wondering if you will do a similar sort of deal for name printing for that, ive got ages so can wait til after all the FLM ones are done. πŸ™‚ Good luck to everyone for the 26th, Hope the weather holds out for you!!

  19. Becki Saves the Rhinos Says:

    […] Busiest day: 100 β€” Thursday, April 2, 2009 (this was the day I posted up my vest-printing services) […]

  20. Karen Says:


    I am running the Belfast Marathon on the 4th May.
    I would like my name on the front and back of my running vest, and a logo of my charity would this be something you could get done in time?
    Thanks very much


    Here’s a link to the logo is that helps :

  21. Izabela Says:

    Hi, are you still doing this? I am running Edinburgh marathon on 31 May and I’d love your help.


  22. hayley martin Says:

    hiya – i was wondering if you were still doing this cause i wanted my name printed on a running vest . thanks hayley martin xx

  23. Linda Shorrock Says:

    Hi, I’ve just stumbled on this site after looking for t-shirt printing. It will be for the Great North Run in September, will you still be able to offer the service? I’m doing it for a small charity so will be getting my own top and providing charity logo details etc. to print on. Can you print on any material? . Many thanks Linda x

  24. Jenni Says:

    Hi – are you still doing this? I need my name printing on a running vest πŸ™‚

    Jenni xx

  25. Carrie Kirby Says:

    Hi, I’m running the Great Eastern half marathon 09 for a local charity, can you let me know how much and how long it would take to have their logo done please

  26. Hannah Says:

    Is this still available? I would love to have this done for such a good cause.
    I will be running the Berlin marathon at the end of the month… is there enough time for two running vests to be printed on?

    It would require a name and logo on the back for x2 running vests…

    Looking forward to hearing your reply!

  27. Monni Bohm Says:


    I am going to run in the Great North Run later this month and would like to get a customised running shirt printed for the charity I am running for (they only have really heavy cotton t-shirts and I don’t fancy running in that at all). I would like to have the charity logo as well as their internet address on the t-shirt and maybe my name in small print on the front. Would this be possible at all – I assume you only did this for the London marathon and might not want to do this for the GNR – and if so, how much would it cost? I would quite happily save the rhinos…

    Thanks very much for your help,


  28. Claire Says:

    Hi Becki, just wondering if you’re still providing this brilliant service? I’m running my first marathon in Chicago on 11th October and all my friends tell me it makes such a difference to have your name on the shirt. I’d also like my charity’s logo on it. Let me know and I’ll send you the info over asap – very happy to support the Rhinos too! Many thanks, Claire

  29. Squa Says:

    Just came across this site. I’m doing a few races including next years VLM and would like to get my vest printed up with my name. I already have my vest. What’s the turnaround as I would like it for Royal parks on the 11th. The postal strike is being a pain though…

  30. Sarah Mchugh Says:

    Hi Becki
    Are you still running this service? I am very interested in getting a few shirts done for the Brighton Marathon in April.
    Many thanks,

  31. Spencer Eames Says:

    Hi Becky
    As Sarah above are you still running the service as I also would like a vest printed for the Brighton marathon.
    Also what are your prices

  32. Do you need your vest printed for the marathon? – Part 2 « Becki Saves the Rhinos Says:

    […] posted about our vest printing services last year and since so many people are finding that old post and asking if we’re still doing […]

  33. Lee Jones Says:


    How do I do this, sounds great and it’s for charitee!

    Do you have an address to send my t-shirt to? I take it that we send you the design too?


  34. Robert Cornelius Says:

    Hi i want to put my name on my vest and put local bussiness logos on there to raise extra money would you be able to do that and if so could i have some info on prices please.

    Thanks Rob

  35. Ryan Bullows Says:


    I am hoping you are still offering this service. I am running the Virgin London marathon in April this year. I would like to get my name printed to my vest. Could you please let me know the details on what I need to do.

    I look forward to hearing from you


  36. Becki Says:

    Hi Ryan,Thank you for your interest in our vest printing service!We are still offering the service as it was so successful last year. Basically it’s £5 per name in black or white vinyl (the stuff they use on football shirts). We can do custom logos (from £7.50) too if you’re interested. All proceeds go to Save the Rhino.Basically you send the vest to us with a stamped addressed envelope, pay by cheque or through my JustGiving page, we print your vest and send it back to you!Let me know if you’re still interested and I’ll send you the address details etc.Becki

  37. GARY Says:

    Hi Becki.
    Would be grateful if you could print my name on my running vest.
    Many thanks Gary.

  38. Sophie Says:

    I would like to get my vest printed on for the london marathon please? When do i need to send it and how do i pay?

  39. Andrew Says:

    Hi there
    I am running three races this year for a local children’s hospice and wondered if you were still running this service? Most places I have looked at require an order of 50 or so.

    Many thanks

  40. Sarah Hendrickx Says:

    Could you print a charity logo/name on 3 vests in time for Brighton Marathon on 18th April, please?
    The logo is on if you need to see it.

  41. Georgie Says:

    Hi Becky
    Are you still offering this name printing service? I’m doing this year’s London Marathon on the 25th April and would rather give to charity than to a printers! If you are I can post you my vest.
    Thanks, Georgie

  42. Ash Says:

    Hi Becky,
    Another one wanting some vest-printing to be done. How best to get in touch with you?

  43. Norman Says:

    Hi Becky,are you still doing the printing? I would like to use your service.Cheers Norm

  44. Nick Turnbull Says:

    Hi Becki

    I need my vest printing too, can you send me your address and Just giving page and I will post it to you today.


  45. Brighty Says:

    Hi there,

    I’m looking to get my name on my vest in time for the London Marathon. Do you have availablity?


  46. Bethan Evans Says:

    Hi Becki,
    I’d love to get my running shirt printed if you are still doing this? I’m actually running the Paris Marathon this Sunday 11th April, do you think you could get my shirt back to me if I sent it today? I would just like my name and the logo of the charity I’m running for. Please let me know which address to send it to.

  47. Graham Says:

    Hi Becki
    Please confirm if you are still offerig your printing service. Am running the New York Marathon in November. Please let me know logistics as to where to send my running vest to.

  48. Danny Says:

    Hi Becki,

    I was very happy to stumble across this thread as I’m wanting to get a vest printed for the London Marathon this year. Please let me know whether you can help.

    Thanks very much,

  49. Joanne Metcalfe Says:

    Hi Becki,

    I am running the London Marathon and would like my name first name printed on my running top. Please can you confirm the address I need to send my top to and how and when to pay?

    Many thanks


  50. Kojo Says:

    Hi I wanted to get the following:

    Front – KOJO


    How much would all of that be. I only want a simple font in either black or blue.


  51. Amy Cartlidge Says:

    Hi Becki,

    I’m looking to get 5 vests printed for the London Marathon. Please get in touch with me if you can help!


  52. Robert Manning Says:

    Hi Becki,

    I’d like to get my vest printed with a logo for the London Marathon and was hoping you were still in business. Please let me know if you can help.


  53. gary sage Says:

    hi, im running the london marathon in april 2012, i wondered if you still offer the printing service? id like to get my name and charity on the front and back if possible and id rather help the rhinos then some corporate plc!

  54. Sarah Gough Says:

    Hi, im also running the Londaon Marathon 2012 are you still open for business?

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