I’m looking forward to the marathon…

Reasons I am looking forward to the marathon:

Water stops – I hate having to carry water with me and needing to ration it. A water stop at every mile means I’m never far away from my next fix of Vittel!

Spectators – It’s lonely and boring running long distance by yourself. I’m sure I read somewhere that the London Marathon spectators are considered to be the best of any marathon in the world!

Other runners – people to talk to – see above re: lonely and boring πŸ™‚

Seeing the sights – there are loads of London landmarks to spot, and although I currently hate ‘the Gherkin’ as I saw it so many times last time I did the marathon, hopefully I’ll learn to love it this time

Being part of the Save The Rhino team – the rhino costumes are so well known that it’s great to be part of their team even though I’m not wearing a proper suit.

Playing spot-the-vest-that-we-printed – not likely when it’s like 20 people out of 35,000 but stranger things have happened

The finish – that last few hundred yards in front of Buckingham Palace, perfect for a sprint finish, the finish line, medal, goody bag and well-earned rest πŸ™‚

Reasons I am not looking forward to the marathon:

It’s 26.2 miles long!

If it all goes wrong again this time I’ll have to do it again!


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2 Responses to “I’m looking forward to the marathon…”

  1. thepixelsuite Says:

    I hope you have a lovely experience running the marathon. You’ve trained so long and hard you deserve to have a good time! Enjoy!

  2. Phil Says:

    You forgot “once I’ve done it I won’t have to train anymore!”

    A very important one in my book!

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