One more sleep to go!

First, let me apologise for any typos in this post, I’m hunched over a tiny screen in the hostel I’m staying in and the keyboard is similarly tiny πŸ™‚

Well, here I am, the day before the marathon. Who’d have thought it’d come round so quickly when I first got my running trainers was back in December? I’m surprisingly calm, although the panics I was having earlier this week were probably more to do with a) my Greek exam (which went well if you’re interested) b) being away from home (I get weird homesickness sometimes) and c) worrying about forgetting to pic my number up from the expo. With the exam done and dusted and the homesickness shoved to the back of my mind, the one remaining issue for today was to head over to the ExCel centre and pic up my number. As I walked in, the booth with my number was the only one without a queue, a good omen I’m sure! Once I’d collected my number I was sent off to get my ChampionChip tracking thing, then that was it! I thought it’d be a shame to leave the expo without having a look around so after purchasing an arm phone holder (to hold my painkillers and glucose tablets) from the Sweatshop stand, I headed over to the JustGiving stand, where I met the lovely Heather and got the chance to draw a picture of me in my running outfit in the hope of winning a prize of a donation. Do you like the way I can draw the hat in 3D but my face consists of just two dots and a line?!

After I’d finished wondering round and collected my goody bag on the way out, I headed back into the city, passing many of the landmarks I’ll be running past tomorrow. I walked round London for far too long considering I should have been resting my legs and feet, but I was trying to pass the time in as interesting a manner as possible πŸ™‚

I headed back to the hostel late afternoon and inhaled a bag of chewy banana chips before heading out to dinner. I still have my usual tinned rice pudding to get through. It’s strange how being able to eat a lot and having to eat a lot make you look at food in different ways. Right now, if someone put pasta in front of me, I’d probably hit them!

Part of my calmness where tomorrow is concerned is probably down to knowing points of the route which will stand out:

Mile 2: JustGiving supporters
Mile 3: Merging of starts
Mile 6: Cutty Sark
Mile 8: My dad! And a big Save The Rhino Flag
Mile 12-13: Tower Bridge, and my dad again
Mile 17: Runners World supporters
Mile 22: My dad! And running under Tower Bridge
Mile 23: Blackfriars Underpass, you can see Big Ben when you come up from this
Mile 25-26: Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
Mile 26.2: Finish!

Miles 13-22 are going to prove the most difficult, run as they are around the Canary Wharf area making them quiet (no residential areas) and actually pretty boring. The last four miles will (hopefully) be amazingly well supported so should be a bit more interesting. There will probably be psychological issues at mile 17 as that’s the furthest I’ve run without walking, but then who cares if you walk a little bit in the London Marathon?!


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