A review (and some new photos)

Apologies for the lack of blog posts lately. To be honest, nothing much has been going on! There’s no running to write about as I still haven’t done my first post-Marathon run (and there might not be one, if my knees and hips continue to hurt like they currently do). The fundraising continues apace and I’m churning out bracelets like they’re going out of fashion (hopefully not!). I’m still trying to decided on my next big project (that Channel swim was a bit out of my reach after all).

Thought it might be interesting to do a little review of the whole marathon experience with a couple of graphs. Gotta love a good graph πŸ™‚

So, this is my marathon graph – you can see how I started off well, pretty steady pace until the midway point, then it all starts to go horribly wrong. But I was speeding up again towards the end πŸ™‚

My marathon pace graph

My marathon pace graph

This is all the running I did in training, along with my excuses for those bits with no runs in them πŸ˜‰

Also check out some of my previous posts for some newly added pics….
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4 Responses to “A review (and some new photos)”

  1. nomeatathlete Says:

    Sorry to hear that you’re still in pain. That sounds like it might be something to have checked out.

    But if you don’t think it’s a serious injury, then make sure don’t go too long without running again (unless you truly are thinking of stopping). I’ve gone 6 months without running after a marathon, and I completely blame it on the fact that I didn’t run within the first few weeks afterward. It’s just so easy to get accustomed to not running and soon enough it turns into months!

  2. beckisavestherhinos Says:

    Thank you for your concern! As far as I can tell though, it’s just because I have weird knees. I was on painkillers for most of the longer runs I did in training due to the extra pressure I put on certain areas of my knee joint. In fact, running is probably not the best exercise for me to be doing! My doctor says I can keep on running as long as I ease off if it starts to hurt, and I’m to avoid long distance runs (no problem there!)

    It’s almost four weeks since I last ran so I’ll be trying out a couple of short runs in the next week or so to see how I get on. πŸ™‚

  3. Jochen Says:

    Hi Becki,
    thanks for your comment on my blog. How about hiking around Stewart Island as a possible next fund-raising event? Just suggesting it πŸ˜‰
    Surely more fun than swimming across the channel with all the junk ships discard into the sea these days.
    And I think your rhino costume on the marathon was really funny (in a positive way), very nicely done!

  4. beckisavestherhinos Says:

    Hi Jochen,
    Thank you for commenting in my blog! I’m glad you thought my rhino costume was funny, all the spectators on the day did too and it was really fun to wear!
    Next time I’m in NZ I’d love to explore more of Stewart Island so a hike round it would definitely be on my schedule. Might have to wait a few years for people to want to sponsor me again though πŸ™‚

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