My name is Becki and in 2009 I’m saving the rhino. Not single-handedly you understand – I’m running the London Marathon 2009 for Save The Rhino International! I’ll be making my own rhino costume, so stay tuned for its progress …

You might ask: why did I choose to support rhinos? Well, here are a few reasons:

1: I have a lot in common with rhinos, being a somewhat grumpy short-sighted vegetarian with stumpy legs!

2: Saving the rhinos will help to protect many less obvious species sharing the same ecosystem, and Save the Rhino also work with local communities to educate them about Rhinos and their value for tourism – so it’s not just about the rhinos, the environment and local people benefit too.

3: Humans are the only reason that rhinos are endangered, so we should work to fix the problem that we created the first place.

4: Rhinos are ‘charismatic mega-herbivores’. How about that for a description?! The ‘charismatic’ bit basically means that rhinos are a ‘flagship’ species, one that everyone knows about, although the problems that are causing their endangered status affect many other species. The ‘mega-herbivore’ bit means they’re large plant-eaters.

5: Rhinos have been around for tens of millions of years. Humans have been around for a lot less time. Technically the rhinos should be kicking us out!

You can sponsor me if you like through my JustGiving page:
www.justgiving.com/beckisavestherhinos – to put it in context, to reach my target of £4000, just 154 people would need to sponsor me £1 a mile for the marathon. Every little helps though, and remember to GiftAid it if you’re a UK taxpayer!


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Why and how I’m helping Save The Rhino « Becki Saves the Rhinos Says:

    […] You can find out more about my reasons for helping the rhinos here. […]

  2. Ronnie Gonzalez Says:

    Dear Miss Becky:

    I just came across your great page and your AWESOME rhino hat.

    I want one, desperately! How do I get one? Also, you’re cute. Do you come with the hat?


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