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A review (and some new photos)

May 16, 2009

Apologies for the lack of blog posts lately. To be honest, nothing much has been going on! There’s no running to write about as I still haven’t done my first post-Marathon run (and there might not be one, if my knees and hips continue to hurt like they currently do). The fundraising continues apace and I’m churning out bracelets like they’re going out of fashion (hopefully not!). I’m still trying to decided on my next big project (that Channel swim was a bit out of my reach after all).

Thought it might be interesting to do a little review of the whole marathon experience with a couple of graphs. Gotta love a good graph 🙂

So, this is my marathon graph – you can see how I started off well, pretty steady pace until the midway point, then it all starts to go horribly wrong. But I was speeding up again towards the end 🙂

My marathon pace graph

My marathon pace graph

This is all the running I did in training, along with my excuses for those bits with no runs in them 😉

Also check out some of my previous posts for some newly added pics….
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Was it all a dream?

May 3, 2009

Well it’s a week since the marathon and I’m still having trouble getting my head around the fact that I did it. It seems so long ago! And not quite real!

It’s been an interesting week. As the aches faded, my friends got bored of looking at the medal and I was forced to eat like a normal person again (or risk re-gaining all the weight I lost), I suffered terribly with the post-marathon blues. I mean, what am I supposed to do with my Sundays now I don’t need to go for a three hour run? Should I carry on running? Should I do some 10ks and half marathons just to keep myself going? What do I have to aim for now? What should my next project be?

I think too much 😉

I have been working hard on my fundraising this week and have just smashed through the halfway mark. I’m at around £2,100 of my £4,000 target so your help is still very much appreciated. I held a charity bucket collection in my hometown yesterday, raising an impressive £222.18, mostly I think down to the fact I had Neil of Running For Rhinos very kindly wearing one of the Save The Rhino official rhinoceros costumes!

Neil in the rhino suit

Neil in the rhino suit

I don’t think anyone had seen anything like it and we did manage to give several old ladies a bit of a shock! My sister also helped me out in the afternoon and while she can’t move her shoulders today, I have sunburned forearms and aching biceps from holding the bucket!

I’ve also been busy making some more trinkets to sell on my Etsy shop. The entire price of these beauties goes to the rhinos… Just need to sell (and make) a couple of hundred of them and I’ll have reached my target!

CMYK Rhino button bracelet

Monet's Waterlilies-inspired Bracelet

Monet's Waterlilies-inspired Bracelet

Button Rainbow Bracelet

Button Rainbow Bracelet

Spring Daffodils and Blue Skies

Spring Daffodils and Blue Skies

Post-marathon Syndrome

April 28, 2009

Despite having done the marathon the day before, I knew that Monday was going to be tiring and involve lots of walking, a bit of heavy lifting and a fair few stairs too!

After checking out of the hostel I took the Tube over to JustGiving’s headquarters. I had been invited to pop along and say hi by Heather at the expo on the Saturday, and after a slow negotiation of a couple of Tube stations and a short walk there I was greeted by Sophie (who I’ve been talking to on Twitter) and introduced to Kai and Jon (who I’ve also been talking to on Twitter). It seems I’m something of a Twitter celebrity at JustGiving, possibly something to do with the rhino hat antics! Heather soon arrived and gave me a quick guided tour of the office (prompting one staff member to say this!).

I was asked if I’d like to do a post-marathon interview to which I of course agreed – and it can now be found not only here but here. Apparently there is video of me too and I had some photos taken at the offices, but lets hope neither of those ever see the light of day! 😉

EDIT: Pics of me and Heather from JustGiving:

Me at the JustGiving offices showing off my marathon medal - check out those undereye shadows!

Me at the JustGiving offices showing off my marathon medal - check out those undereye shadows!

Showing off my JustGiving wristband, worn proudly through the whole marathon

Showing off my JustGiving wristband, worn proudly through the whole marathon

Me and the lovely Heather at the JG offices

Me and the lovely Heather at the JG offices

After distracting the JG staffers for a couple of hours they had important meetings to get on with so I went to my second ‘appointment’ of the day – picking up one of the rhino suits from Save The Rhino. Luckily there was one that wasn’t too sweaty, so, weighed down by my backpack, London Marathon kitbag, rhino head and rhino body, I set out on the Tube journey back to Paddington. I had a couple of scary moments on the escalators but most of the journey passed without incident. I’m not sure now how I managed it, I was hurting all over! Once I was back on the train home I was able to relax a little and prop the rhino suit up on a seat, which got some strange looks. It’s for a bucket collection I’m doing in my hometown on Saturday, to get a little more interest after the disastrous attempt at a bucket collection in Oxford (all day for £43.56). I may be doing some other stuff with it too, check back soon! 😉

So, to the title of this post. Once I’d arrived home, put my stuff away, had half my race goodies nicked by my brother, the reality that it was all over sunk in. I have the full on post-marathon blues. The thing I’ve been aiming for for the last four or five months has now passed, no-one wants to listen to me talk about the marathon any more, life seems dull and boring in comparison to the amazing weekend I’ve just had. I need something new to aim for but don’t know what, and it would probably be foolish to go signing up for anything now whilst my head’s still sorting itself out.

I do have to raise £2,500 by the end of May though, so that should keep me busy!

More ways to buy a bracelet and help a rhino!

March 30, 2009

I’ve been busy crafting again! As well as, or instead of, sponsoring me, you can also help the rhinos by buying a bracelet (or pair of earrings, or other craft item). Don’t worry about the price being in dollars! That’s just the currency of the site.

All Natural Rhino

Rainbow cascade earrings

Lemon & Lime-o Rhino

Domino Rhino

Do let me know if you like any of these, or would like a different version, or if there’s anything you’d like to see in the future 🙂

Why and how I’m helping Save The Rhino

March 25, 2009

I thought for those new to my blog it might be good if I reiterate some of the reasons why I’m running the London Marathon for Save The Rhino and some of the ways that I’m trying to raise my (rather large!) target amount.

Basically I chose Save The Rhino as my charity because it covers so many different areas. If you’re an animal lover, there’s obviously the main rhino-saving aspect, as well as the fact that if the rhinos are saved, many of the area’s sub-species are also helped. If you’re a people person, they help educate local communities about sustainable ways of living, building schools, solar panels and water reservoirs. If you’re an eco-warrior, saving the rhino entails saving its habitat so helping to prevent deforestation etc.

You can find out more about my reasons for helping the rhinos here.

I’m aiming to raise the rather large sum of £4,000 in a number of different ways:

  • Good ol’ sponsorship from individuals or companies. Although it seems like a lot of money, if I can get just 126 people (at the time of writing) to sponsor me £1 a mile, I will have reached my target!
  • Bucket collections, the kind where I stand in the street with a bucket and collect change. I have a few of these lined up in the near future.
  • Making and selling crafts on my Etsy shop or in ‘real life’ if you’d like to commission something.
  • I’m hoping to hold some kind of event at some point but can’t decide between a quiz night, barn dance or full blown Safari Summer Ball. I’d love to hold a Safari Ball but am currently struggling to find a suitable venue…

I hope that you have found this post informative, please leave any questions or suggestions in the comments. 🙂

Running with a cold

March 9, 2009

Having already covered running in the cold I’d like to turn my attentions to running *with* a cold, as it’s pretty topical at the moment – I have a cold and I’m not running!

I was supposed to do a long (13 + miles) run yesterday but having come down with the aforementioned lurgy I decided not to go. There’s a fine line between making sure you train and breaking yourself if you run when you shouldn’t. I took the advice of this interesting Times Online article and the ‘below the neck’ anaysis – as I had achy joints even before running I figured an unplanned rest day might be in order. I was also very dehydrated, a situation that would not be helped by going out and getting sweaty! And because I had a sore throat it was difficult to do any preparatory carb loading. Sometimes stubbornly carrying on with the training can do more harm than good…and I’m taking solace, after missing my long run, in the fact that my dad had to have an entire *month* off training just before his first London Marathon and still managed to post a decent time!

I found this part of the article very interesting:

However, while exercise does seem to boost immunity, it does so only to a point. Serious athletes or anyone in training for the London Marathon or another endurance event may find their defences are compromised as a result of longer or more intense workouts.

Last time I ran the marathon I avoided all colds until the week afterwards! This time I’ve not been so lucky it seems.

Hopefully I will have recovered by this weekend’s Silverstone Half Marathon (my first race of this year) as I’m hoping to debut the rhino costume. On a side note, I have given up on the paper and wire horn because I just couldn’t get those ridges on the side out. I mocked up a horn out of cotton on the sewing machine in about two seconds flat that looks way better so I’m probably going for that option! I’ll post pics when I’ve made the head of course.

Before the lurgy hit this weekend I was out and about doing a little bucket collection to help with my Save The Rhino fundraising, managed £49.62 in a small country town so I’m hoping to repeat the experience in some larger towns and cities. Please help me with my fundraising by sponsoring me if you can!

Links Roundup

February 19, 2009

Some useful links for new visitors to my blog!

My JustGiving Page – where you can sponsor me for running the London Marathon in a rhino costume of my own making

My Etsy shop, where I’m selling crafts with 100% of the price going to Save The Rhino, so if you want something back for your money, this is the place to look.

Everyone seems to be Twittering these days. You can catch up with my training and fundraising efforts as well as musings on life, the universe and everything.

Come and join my Becki Saves The Rhinos Facebook group, tell your friends! 🙂

I’ll add more links as I think of them.

Buy a bracelet, help a rhino

February 15, 2009

As part of my fundraising effort I have been making beaded bracelets to sell in my Etsy shop – Becky Button Designs. I get the feeling that in these straitened times, people want something back in return for giving to a charity, so I have donated my time and the materials and will be giving the entire selling price of each bracelet (or other craft item) to Save The Rhino.

I’ve posted some pics below, please let me know which are your favourites or what you’d like to see (the grey-and-colour themes ones will be made in different colours to the pink and orange too).

Ooh Shiny Rhino Bracelet

Ooh Shiny Rhino Bracelet

Tangerine D-rhino

Tangerine D-rhino

Rose-tinted Rhino

Rose-tinted Rhino

Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata

All the bracelets have a little rhino charm on the end of the chain to remind the buyer what they’re helping out by buying the bracelet 🙂

Rhino Charm

Rhino Charm