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Do you need your vest printed for the marathon? – Part 2

January 25, 2010

UPDATE – Jan 2012: We’re sadly no longer able to offer the vest-printing service. Thanks to all those that helped the rhinos by getting us to print their vests, and apologies to those who wanted their vests printed this year.

Well after an absence from my blog of a good nine months or so I’m feeling ready to come back to it temporarily. The aches and pains of the marathon have faded, I can walk properly again, but I’ll come clean – I haven’t actually run since 26th April 2009. I’m continuing to raise money for Save The Rhino through my button jewellery amongst other things.

We’re also still raising money by printing runner’s names on their vests. Beginners will be told by seasoned marathon runners that having your name on your vest really helps in getting you through the experience, simply because people spectating will read it and cheer you on! I lost count of the number of times people yelled ‘Go Becki’ or ‘Rhino Becki’ or ‘Come on Becki’ but it really helped and it was great to feel like the crowd was willing me to go on.

I posted about our vest printing services last year and since so many people are finding that old post and asking if we’re still doing it I’ve decided to post a quick update to let you all know we are still doing it, and the proceeds are still going to Save The Rhino. As before, It’s £5 per name in black or white vinyl (the same stuff that’s used on football shirts). We can also cut custom logos, and price varies depending on the colour and how complicated the logo is but starts from £7.50.

The earlier you can sort out your vest and get your name printed on it the better, not least because it’s one less thing to worry about. I wore my race top out and about while I was training on the basis that people would recognise me and hopefully sponsor me!