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Three is the magic number…

April 22, 2009

…but doesn’t actually feature in this post! Thought I’d continue my song-title-blog-title theme 🙂

I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at some of the stats around my London Marathon experience.

These first numbers are taken from my stats on LogYourRun

Shortest run: Way back in December 08 my first run was 1.4 miles, I had to stop halfway throught and practically died by the end. I managed something like 12 minute mile pace although I was so bad back then I didn’t even bother to time myself. Look how far I’ve come!

Longest run: The epic 17 miler that made me throw up and cry, but I managed to run the whole way round!

Fastest run: Before the training got into the long runs I was working on increasing my speed and by trying really really hard and ignoring the pain in my muscles I managed …. drum roll …. 9:30 minute/mile pace around a four mile circuit. Woo!

Most times running the same route: I’ve run my quick 2.7 mile route 15 times in my training. Most other routes have been run at least a couple of times, apart from those where I tried the route once and swore never to do it again!

Total miles run: 241.29 – just over 9 marathons’ worth of running. And soon to be joined by a tenth marathon of course…

Minutes spent training: an amazing 2532 (or 42.2 hours), making my average pace 10:30 minute miles.

Blog stats:

Total views: 1,889 (wow!)

Busiest day: 100 — Thursday, April 2, 2009 (this was the day I posted up my vest-printing services)

Posts: 41

Comments: 70 (most of them lovely, thank you 🙂 )

Me stats:

Weight lost: 5lbs

Toenails lost: 5 and counting

Money raised: £1,327.28

I’m aiming for £4000. Please help if you can!


Do you need your vest printed for the marathon?

April 2, 2009

Or any other event?

UPDATE 2 – Jan 2012: We’re sadly no longer able to offer the vest-printing service. Thanks to all those that helped the rhinos by getting us to print their vests, and apologies to those who wanted their vests printed this year.

UPDATE – Feb 2010: Please see this post for more on the vest-printing 🙂

I’m offering a vest/t-shirt printing service for those people who would like their name printed on their vest for the London Marathon.

I already have a happy customer in the form of Sir Jogalot:

Sir Jog-a-lot's beautifully printed vest

And of course myself:

Me, sweaty and tired after my 15.5 miler in my lovely Save The Rhino t-shirt

It’s £5 per name and all proceeds go to Save The Rhino. We can also cut custom logos, and price varies depending on the colour and how complicated the logo is but starts from £7.50.

Turnaround depends on the postal system to a certain extent but would go something like this:
Day 1: You post your vest/running top/t-shirt to me
Day 2: We receive the top, print it if received early enough, and possibly post back to you
Day 3: We print the shirt if it was received too late on Day 2 and post back to you, or if we printed on Day 2 you receive your top back
Day 4: You receive your top back if posted on Day 3

Hopefully that makes sense! And hopefully Royal Mail will be as efficient in real life as they are in my theoretical version above!

Please get in touch via the comments and we can discuss your requirements. 🙂